The Ultimate Women's Magazine | Womens' Issue

Bathing Suit Flattery
by Dakota Smith

Ask A JAP!
by Prudence L. Weisenbroad

Boy Diagnostics
by Mikki Halpin

Inside the Hairy Women's Movement
by Marcelle Karp



Welcome to our women's magazine!

In creating this issue, we had to sit down and ask ourselves the hard questions, like:

What is a women's magazine?

What should we, as editors of a women's magazine be wearing?

And so forth. Except for that one sidetrack discussion of Madeline Albright's handbag, we came up with some special answers for you, as you will discover.

We're especially excited about the bathing suits featured in Dakota Smith's piece. We personally tried each one out in the Hamptons this summer, and we've never felt so good about our bodies. They are so flattering that we actually considered allowing the size six "big girls" on the staff model them for you, but thought better of it.

Kissing you with Stila lip gloss,

Mikki Halpin,
editor in chief
Georgia Rucker,
art director